Kraft Tape with Water Activated Adhesive Multi Pack Cartons


  • Fast, permanent adhesion to most grades of cardboard
  • Enhances carton strength and rigidity
  • High tamper and pilfer resistance
  • Gummed on inner surface of roll
  • 60gms
  • Supplied in box quantities
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Rolls of gummed paper tape are an important part of any company’s shipping material supply. Companies that sell large volumes of items via the post need to be confident that their products will arrive on time and most importantly, in good condition. Having a choice of regular and reinforced gummed tape makes it easy to ensure that all products being shipped are adequately protected. Gummed paper tape is also an excellent option when it is necessary to ensure that boxes used to store even the heaviest items are properly reinforced.

A choice of standard or reinforced tape, or a combination of the two, will ensure that all warehouse taping needs are met. Companies often have differing requirements, depending on what is being shipped, which is one of the advantages of having several options available. Choose from two different sets of dimensions to ensure that boxes of all sizes can be safely sealed. Standard tape comes in various paper weights, but the gummed side is always out. The reinforced tapes feature fibre mesh for greater durability, eliminating the possibility of having cartons split open.

Using the correct type of tape for its parcels helps ensure that any business that ships its products by post will minimise damage caused in transit. Each roll is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

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Brown Kraft Tape, Reinforced Brown Tape

Dimensions (mm)

48mm x 100m, 48mm x 200m, 70mm x 100m, 70mm x 200m

Quantity (rolls)

12, 16, 18, 30