LCD Monitor Bracket for WB workbench

£274.39  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Static monitor bracket ideal for when using workbench for IT purposes.
  • Suits mounting holes at 75mm and 100mm centres.
  • Mounts on upright profiles for WB series workbench.


Bracket mounts on upright profiles for WB series benches.

Computers are becoming increasingly useful during manufacturing and engineering processes, enabling workers to view documents and prints, as well as keeping in touch with colleagues and suppliers. Computers may even be used to assist with the job at hand, so it is often essential to be able to have a computer at the workbench. Struggles with space can make it difficult for this to happen, or otherwise lead to cluttered desks, poor posture, or broken equipment in need of costly repairs.

Luckily, the invention of LCD technology and more compact monitors has led to more workshops being able to utilise computers within the working environment. Creating the perfect space saving solution, this LCD monitor bracket for WB workbenches is the ideal addition to any workspace. Mounting onto the upright profiles of the workbench, the monitor bracket can be positioned at varying heights to suit its purpose, and its flexible nature means that it can be used with just about any WB model. There is no need to purchase different unit makes or sizes, making it quick and easy to place an order.

The LCD monitor bracket keeps the computer screen at a safe distance, protecting workers’ eyesight and posture, and lessening the risk of damage to the monitor itself. It also helps to keep worktops free from clutter so that their total space can be kept for good use.


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