LCD Monitor Swivel Arm for WB workbench

£436.25  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Mounts on upright profiles for WB series workbench.
  • Swivel arm system allows monitor to be turned to different angles.
  • Suits mounting holes at 75mm and 100mm centres.
  • The perfect companion for any workbench where computer usage is required.


Double articulated arm, 180 degree turn, 95-425mm extension.

Infinitely helpful in many capacities, computer technology is finding its way into increasing numbers of workshops and warehouses, assisting with their everyday running and communication. It can be very difficult, however, to find room for bulky equipment, such as monitors and PC towers, with many surfaces already cluttered with equipment and paperwork.

The invention of LCD technology, and the subsequent shrinking of computer hardware have solved this problem to a certain extent, although many workplaces find they still cannot justify sacrificing space to house computers at every workbench. This LCD monitor swivel arm for WB workbenches is a great solution to this issue, helping workshops to keep up to date with current trends and technology, while allowing more workers to utilise computer technology.

Mounting on to the upright profile of the workbench, the swivel arm ensures that monitors can be suspended away from the worktop altogether, keeping the screen at a safe distance and decreasing the risk of it becoming damaged. The swivel nature of the monitor arm enables LCD screens to be moved into various positions for greater visibility or demonstrative purposes, and also allows workers to have a better range of movement at their stations; sitting or standing, their monitor can be adjusted to suit.


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