LED Lights for BA/BC/BQ/BS Workbenches


Key Features

Choose either light with tilt mechanism which enables the operator to move the light into a position that provides the best lighting angle or light with 3 brightness settings to illuminate your task effectively
Provides bright lighting for intricate tasks
Energy efficient instant lighting

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Effective lighting is imperative in any workplace. Not only does it help make intricate tasks easier, it reduces eye-strain and provides a happier environment. These adjustable LED lights fix to the upper tool rail of BA, BC, BQ or BS workbenches and are available as either a tilting light for directional control or a 3 setting light with brightness control. LED technology provides a clean bright white light which is more energy efficient than traditional flourescent workbench lights and the bulbs last longer too.

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3 Setting LED Light 40, Tilting LED Light With Wattage 30


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