Louvre Panel Back with Pin Board for BA/BC/BQ/BS Workbenches


Key Features

Optional accessory to hang small parts storage bins from & pin board for notices, reminders etc
Requires posts L17 or L18
Simply clips into rear support posts
A pair of rear support posts are required for each workbench to use the optional accessories, these support posts are sold separately. The 1180mm rear posts are required for use with light fitting / support rails available for our square tube, cantilever workbenches & BS heavy duty workbenches
Plastic Storage Bins available for use on louvred panel

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Back panel with louvres and pin board for BQ square tube workbenches, BC cantilever workbenches & BA manual height adjustable workbenches.

Workbenches are often used for the storage of equipment, paperwork, components, and personal items, alongside their manual use in manufacturing or engineering processes. For this reason storage accessories are often an essential purchase, helping to ensure that work surfaces remain free, as well as keeping valuable bits of paper containing measurements, phone numbers and calculations safe and within easy reach.

Easy to attach, the louvre panel back with pin board is an optional accessory for BQ square tube workbenches, BC cantilever workbenches, BS heavy-duty workbenches and BA height adjustable workbenches. Its simple design helps to eradicate clutter, while maximising space on the work surface and keeping items organised and close at hand. Tools and components, or small parts storage bins can be suspended from the back panel to create a flexible storage space, and the pin board is handy for notes, reminders and important information.

The louvre panel back requires the separate purchase of rear posts L17 or L18 in order to be attached to the workbench. Rear posts measuring 1180mm are needed for use with the light-fitting/support rails available for square tube, cantilever and BS heavy-duty workbenches. Small parts storage bins can be purchased separately as an additional storage solution.

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