Louvre Panel / Pinboard (zinc) for ESD Workbench


Key Features

Rear louvred panels zinc plated for optimal static control
A pair of rear support posts are required to use these accessories, these posts are sold separately. The 1180mm rear posts are required for use with light fitting / support rails
Simply clips in
Plastic Storage Bins available for use on louvred panel. Sold in a variety of colours and sizes

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Zinc back panel for workbenches designed to hang small parts storage bins from with a pin board for notices
In operations in which clean room procedures or a clean product is required, static electricity can be a real problem. In fact, static electricity can be dangerous in environments in which flammable materials and solvents are present.

ESD workbenches allow for the dissipation of static electricity, which can lead to loss of productivity, equipment damage, and a compromised product when not dealt with efficiently. This louvre panel/pinboard (zinc) for ESD workbenches is an ideal solution for workspaces that require ESD materials.

The louvre panel and pinboard is the perfect place to hang small parts storage bins, notices, and reminders in the immediate workspace. And thanks to the ESD technology, this pinboard does not accumulate a static charge. Comprised of durable zinc, which is excellent for static control, this louvre panel/pinboard is an optional accessory to make the working day a little more organised.

Designed for use at the rear of the workbench, the louvre panel/pinboard can be quickly and easily attached using a pair of rear support posts. With these posts, the piece simply clicks into place. This accessory is suitable for installation on the 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm workbenches.

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Louvred Back Panel (Zinc) 1200mm Bench, Louvred Back Panel (Zinc) 1500mm Bench, Louvred Back Panel (Zinc) 1800mm Bench


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