Medical Grade Air Purifiers

£380.00  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Neuralises 99.9% of all bacteria and germs
  • 8 stage purification system
  • Produces negative Ions which destroy pathogenic material and ‘re-energise’ the environment
  • Ultraviolet light to ensure total destruction of harmful microbes
  • Colour coded LCD display showing air quality changes
  • Smart mode analyses the air to ensure purifier is automatically working at optimal settings to maintain air quality
  • Controlled by infrared remote, touch panel, WiFi app and speech command (Alexa and Google)
  • Multiple systems can be controlled by WiFi app
  • Patented multi-fan design with 4 speeds
  • Can be wall mounted or floor standing
  • Child lock for safety


These medical grade air purifiers are suitable to clean air in your work space or your home. Clean air is essential to our health and these purifiers remove allergens and odours, neutralising the air before it is breathed in. The colour coded LCD panel displays the air quality; Green = Excellent, Blue = Lightly Polluted and Red = Heavily Polluted.

Air is purified by an 8 stage purification system with 7 layers of filters and patented technology which removes 99.99% of all particles, bacteria and other airborne pathogens, a high output Ultra Violet light system kills any microorganisms that remain.

The purifiers also incorporate an IONIC Generator which fills the room with over 24 million negatively charged IONS every second to kill viruses and “recharge” the air, which helps occupants feel more awake and alert.

IONS are molecules which have lost or gained one electron and are therefore are either positively or negatively charged, in this state IONS will attract and bond to dust particles and aerosols (substances in gases), then because they are heavier than air they will sink to the ground. IONS will also bond to bacteria and germs and destroy them by their electrical charge.

IONS are naturally found in mountain and sea air and also after a thunderstorm, negative oxygen IONS are proven to be beneficial to our respiratory systems, inhaling ionised air increases oxygen levels in the blood and improves our metabolism .

This range offers  a choice of sizes to suit your workplace or home requirements.

Controls include; infrared remote control, touch panel, smart mode, Wi-Fi application (ideal for multiple systems and complete building management) and speech command, including Alexa and Google.

These medical grade air purifiers comes with a 5 year limited warranty for extra peace of mind.

Additional information

Dimensions H x W x D (mm)

1021 x 430 x 127, 1413 x 430 x 127, 520 x 430 x 127, 720 x 430 x 127

Power (watts)

110, 22, 40, 75

Airflow (m3/hr )

1100, 180, 380, 720

Max Room Size (m2)

130, 180, 25, 65


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