Metal Stillages with Chute Front


Key Features

  • Heavy-duty metal stillage with chute front
  • Easy access to stacked materials
  • Up to 500kg capacity
  • Can be stacked up to 5 stillages high
  • Powder-coated dark blue
  • Space-saving stacking design for a maximum of 5 stillages
  • The large weight capacity is ideal for manufacturing environments
  • 915mm or 610mm wide metal stillages
  • Steel stillages that has been built to last
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High quality, robust metal stillages with a chute front, designed to meet the demands of storage, handling and manufacturing environments.

Metal stillages are the ideal solution for storage and handling in any busy working environment. Designed for use in areas such as manufacturing plants. These are a blue steel stillages with a heavy-duty chute front and can be either freestanding or stacked to give a more organised working space. The design ensures that they give easy access to the materials stored within them and each one can hold a load of up to 500kg.

There are two different sizes for the metal stillages. They all have a height of 305mm and a depth of 610mm but customers can request a width of either 610mm or 915mm depending upon their requirements. Designed to be stacked up to five stillages high, they come in a powder coated dark blue colour for a strong finish.

To be able to store heavy and bulky objects out of the way like this can help to meet health and safety requirements as they are often strict in this area. The metal stillages have a simple design and are a solution to various storage issues.

Additional information

Dimensions H x W x D (mm)

305 x 610 x 610, 305 x 915 x 610