Multifunction Air Treatment Unit Air Humidifier

£169.99  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Multifunction unit comprising of an air cooler, heater, air purifier and a humidifier
  • 3 Speed adjustable fan allowing users to control airflow direction (heater function only has two speeds)
  • Fitted with helpful timer allowing the unit to be switched off anywhere between 30 mins and 7.5 hours from time set
  • Refrigerant-free cooling achieved by evaporating water – can be enhanced by using ice
  • Heating function is fan assisted with two settings 1000W / 2000W
  • The air purification setting works by generating negative ions (& activated carbon filter)
  • Supplied with remote control allowing users to control this unit from a distance
  • Mounted on castors for manoeuvrability
  • Cooling water tank has an 8 litre capacity


Multifunction Air Treatment Unit Air Humidifier

Multifunctional air treatment unit designed for offices, workshops and many other environments. The multifunction air treatment unit allows users to not only cool the surrounding air but also heat, purifier and humidity as well. For cooling, this versatile product is fitted with a 3-speed fan allowing the user to control the airflow speed while the horizontal louvres allow the user to adjust the airflow direction also. This high-quality unit is also fitted with a timer which can be increased in 30-minute increments up to a 7.5-hour limit.

To humidify this refrigerant-free unit evaporates water, this process can be enhanced by adding ice to the 8-litre tank. To heat the area, the fan assisted heating function heats up the air as it passes through the unit and two settings are available with this function, 1000W / 2000W.

The air purification function works by generating negative ions and the activated carbon filter. For ease of use, this multifunctional unit is also supplied with an electronic remote control allowing the user to switch between functions from a distance, while castors are also supplied to help improve manoeuvrability.


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