Multipurpose Safety Cutter Knife

£2.99  (INCL. VAT)

  • Finger and thumb rests in optimum positions for all hand sizes
  • Wider more comfortable body profile
  • Embossed body for enhances grip
  • Large thumbnail cutter pierces tape seals without damaging carton contents
  • Slitter blade recessed within molding for greater safety
  • Curved leading slitter edge prevents snagging
  • Eyelet for lanyard attachment


Multi purpose tools are ideal for the workplace, ensuring that members of staff have the equipment necessary to enable them to get their work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The multi purpose safety cutter knife is one such tool, offering both reliability and safety to those using it.

This multi purpose tool is ideal for anyone looking to gain access to cartons and boxes that have been secured with straps, tape, string, plastic film or other types of protective covering. The tool is equipped with a blunt edge blade, making it great for opening taped boxes and cartons. The handle of the safety cutter has been moulded, making it easy for users to grip firmly and comfortably. The availability of the cutter knife in packs of five is great for employers who wish to distribute them to their staff or who prefer to store tools in different parts of the workplace for convenience. The bright yellow colour of the knives means they will not be easily lost.

Lightweight and of a convenient size, the cutter knife will fit easily into a tool box or even a pocket. The product is ideal for use any commercial, retail or industrial environment where an efficient multi purpose cutter is required.