High Velocity Oscillating Industrial Pedestal Fan 20″

£135.00  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • High velocity pedestal fan capable of moving significant volumes of air
  • Features 3 speed settings allowing the user to adjust the airflow whenever needed
  • Large 550mm fan diameter (20″) with a height adjustable stand – overall height of 1080-1410mm
  • This pedestal fan also features a tilting blade cradle
  • Oscillating fan head moves side to side to move air over a greater area
  • The large blades are fully guarded and a large diameter base improves the safety and stability of this fan
  • Suitable for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications
  • Supplied in kit form for easy onsite assembly
  • Speeds 1050 / 1150 / 1350rpm
  • Maximum Airflow 110mtr³/min (3900cfm)
  • Fan Diameter (mm) 550 (20″)
  • Power Supply 230V
  • Overall Height (mm) 1080-1410

Please note, this fan is designed for use in industrial environments. Due to the noise generated it is not suitable for quieter areas such as offices and classrooms.



HVF20PO high velocity 20″ industrial pedestal fan with oscillating fan head

During the summer months large warehouses, factories, workshops and other areas can become uncomfortably hot for any employees working in these conditions. While opening doors and windows can have an effect, if it’s a particularly calm day the temperature outside can be similar to the temperature indoors. In these situations, the use of portable fans are a simple solution; they allow employees to boost air movement helping to create a cooler breeze which can make the working conditions more bearable.

The  Industrial Pedestal Fans are designed for use in industrial environments, their large 20″ fan head is capable of moving large volumes of air and the three speed settings (1050 / 1150 / 1350rpm) adjust the airflow. This versatile fan has been designed with a tilting blade cradle, this feature together with the adjustable stem allows the direction of airflow to be adjusted, while the oscillation feature moves the fan head side to side improving air distribution.

With safety in mind, the large blades are fully guarded which helps to prevent debris from being sucked into the fan before being expelled or potential causing damage to the fan itself. This cost effective pedestal fan is also supplied with a large diameter base which helps improve overall stability.


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