Overhead Light Support Bracket for WB workbench


Key Features

  • Mounts to upright profiles fitted to WB workbenches.
  • Support bracket for overhead lighting.
  • Could also be used for tool suspension, providing additional storage for the workbench.
  • Three size variants available to suit benches of 1073mm, 1500mm and 1800mm widths.




Support bracket for lighting or tool suspension.

Many warehouses and workshops have very limited natural light, reducing visibility and making it difficult to undertake certain tasks without expensive lighting equipment. This can make completing delicate jobs, such as soldering, very difficult and time-consuming, adding expense onto the manufacturing process.

This overhead support bracket is a cost effective solution to many lighting issues, providing a portable and flexible approach to worktop illumination. Additional lighting can be added to any workbench without taking up valuable surfaces. The overhead nature of this unit makes it especially useful for tricky jobs, which may require a constant stream of light and excellent visibility, to be completed safely and efficiently. The support bracket is quick and easy to assemble and mount, and the lightweight nature of the piece enables it to be moved between workbenches where required.

The support bracket’s flexible nature means that it can also be used to suspend tools or other items above the workbench itself, freeing up yet more space that would otherwise be used for storage. It is available in three size variants and can be used with various models of the WB workbench, making it a valuable addition to any workshop or warehouse.

Additional information

For Bench Width (mm)

1073, 1500, 1800


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