Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable 2,000kg capacity

£2,478.41  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Each turntable weighs 100kg
  • A tine lug is included
  • This turntable is maintenance-free
  • A 2,000kg capacity makes it suitable for different types of jobs
  • Free-turning design prevents binding or tightening when loaded
  • It has a low profile that works well in confined spaces
  • The ramped edge is ideal for pallet truck loading
  • Locking features that prevent unwanted movement help eliminate possible damage or injury
  • By preventing tightening or binding, the turntable ensures easier operation regardless of whether the load is larger or smaller
  • Pallet truck users will be able to handle loads easily without excess bending, stretching or lifting because of the ramped edge
  • Its fairly compact size allows for easier storage when it is not in use
  • Dimensions (mm) : 22mm H x 1100mm dia


Ramped edge for easy pallet truck loading

The Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable 2,000kg capacity makes all loading and unloading jobs much easier. Companies that value employee safety and maximum efficiency will find these turntables to be very useful indeed. A 2,000kg capacity increases versatility.

Warehouses and other industrial buildings will benefit from using a Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable 2,000kg capacity to move heavier loads. This offers a greater degree of safety and also makes it easier for workers to accomplish their tasks.