Pallet Probe

£37.58  (INCL. VAT)

  • Fast, ergonomic solution to manually feed strapping through the frame of a pallet
  • Suitable for all plastic and metal strap up to 19mm wide
  • Probe length 1400mm


Those who have tried to pack items onto a pallet and secure them properly will be aware of the challenges, this is where the pallet probe is a solution that will meet the needs of different workplaces. Packing can be a time-consuming job to carry out and this particular item offers an efficient way of completing the task and removing the time-consuming manual process.

The pallet probe is suitable for use with all plastic and metal strap up to 19mm wide, the probe its self is 1400mm long and is used to pass the strapping under the pallet for additional securing and strengthening of the packing. By mechanising the process in the way, more pallets can be packed in the same amount of time leading to an increase in productivity. It is also far safer to use this method than for a staff member to try and do it manually.