Personnel Access Forklift Cages


Key Features

  • Bases non-slip plate self draining
  • Four sided kick plates to prevent tool or component loss
  • Zinc plated fork heel pins for safe attachment to truck
  • Orange (RAL2008) finish
  • Collapsible back guard for ease of storage and transportation
  • Safety harness attachment rings
  • Fork spread 690mm
  • Each access platform has a load capacity of 250kg
  • All models conform to PM28, when deciding on a suitable access platform please bear in mind PM28 says ‘The platform dimension parallel to the fork arms, i.e. forward length of the platform, shall not exceed 2 times the rated load centre distance of the truck.
    The width of the platform shall not exceed the outside width over the truck load wheels by more than 250mm either side.’
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A proven and safe method for which to carry out routine maintenance, inspection and stocktaking.

Changing lights, restocking and repairs are common tasks in any warehouse, factory or store. Often, a ladder is simply not suitable, but how to get employees as high as they need to be?

With this personnel access platform for forklifts, there is now a proven and secure method for employees to carry out routine maintenance, restocking, inspection and any other tasks that involve working at height with a sturdy support structure. This personnel access platform features a compact design that enables it to reach spaces that other devices cannot.

Perfect for loading docks, warehouses, factories and DIY stores, this personnel access platform for forklifts is designed to enable employees to reach higher than is possible when using a traditional ladder. The spacious platform has sufficient space for one person, along with their equipment, tools or components that may be required for their specific task.

All platforms require a minimum forklift truck rating of 1,000kg. The platform is available in three versions; 1,250mm x 950mm x 2,030mm with a side gate; 950mm x 950mm x 2,030mm with a side gate and 950mm x 950mm x 2,030mm with a lift-up bar.

Additional information

Platform with

Lift-up bar, Side gate

Platform Size L x W x H (mm)

1250 x 950 x 2030, 950 x 950 x 2030