Pin Board Back Panel for BA/BC/BQ/BS Workbenches


Key Features

Optional accessory for displaying notes, reminders and much more
Simply clips into rear support posts
To use accessories compatible with our workbenches will require a pair of rear support posts which are sold separately. The 1180mm rear posts are required for use with light fitting / support rails available for our square tube, cantilever workbenches and BS heavy duty workbenches

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Accessorize your BQ square tube workbenches, BC cantilever workbenches & Manual height adjustable workbenches with a pin board back panel.

The pin board back panel for BC/BQ/BS workbenches comes in three sizes suitable for a 1200m bench, a 1500mm bench or the 1800mm bench. It is an optional accessory, and can be used with compatible square tube workbenches, heavy duty workbenches, cantilever work benches and also the height adjustable work benches. The Pin Board Back Panel for BC/BQ/BS Workbenches are easy to use and can be attached with clips onto the rear support posts which are also available for purchase separately to suit the compatible workbench.

The pin board back panel for BC/BQ/BS workbenches is really handy for displaying items that are needed close at hand while working, such as notes, diagrams and reminders. These can all be attached to the board for easy access when required, making the pin board ideal for a variety of different working environments.

As an optional accessory, it will need to be ordered in addition to the bench as it is not included. The pin board is an ideal accessory which can make the work space more efficient and organised. Working from plans and diagrams is much easier when they can be attached at eye level and quickly scanned while working. There is no specialist training required to fit the back panel onto the work bench and it can be utilised within minutes of fitting.

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For 1200mm Bench, For 1500mm Bench, For 1800mm Bench


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