RCB Circuit Breaker for BA/BC/BQ & ESD workbenches

£141.38  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

Provides static dissipation for workbenches
The Circuit Breaker fits inside a Worktop Service Duct, which are sold separately.
You will also need to purchase a Service Duct Insulating Strip for the Worktop Service Duct, which is also sold separately.



RCB circuit breaker for static dissipative workbenches.

Static electricity won’t be a problem with this RCB circuit breaker for ESD workbenches. This effective circuit breaker fits conveniently inside the worktop service duct to eliminate the nasty effects of static electricity accumulation.

In many commercial and industrial operations, static electricity has been a longstanding problem that can lead to the loss of productivity as well as the loss of life in some cases. This is especially true in working environments in which flammable materials and solvents are present. Food and drug packaging, biomedical manufacturing, and semiconductor engineering are also applications in which clean room regulations must be met, and therefore this RCB circuit breaker can make a real difference.

Due to high-speed machinery and the increased use of synthetic materials, the harmful effects of static electricity have become even more serious. In fact, some plastics travelling through machines can develop static charges of several thousand volts! However, using the right equipment and implementing the proper control methods can easily solve most static electricity related problems.

An ESD workstation provides a safe means of connecting all work surfaces, fixtures, equipment, and grounding devices to a common ground point, and that’s where this RCB circuit breaker comes in. This accessory allows for the constant ionisation and grounding of such work areas and equipment.


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