Set of Castors for Tipping Eco-Skips


Key Features

  • Made to order
  • Designed as optional extras to fit tipping eco-skips
  • Easy to move skips without any difficulties
  • Ideal for many industries
  • Made in the UK
  • For 0.25 & 0.50 and 0.75 & 1.00 skips
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Optional extra for use with eco tipping skips

Castors are designed to make it as easy as possible for employees to manoeuvre eco-tipping skips. Tipping skips are in use in many different industries across the UK and are designed to make it convenient for forklift trucks to cope with heavy loads. Even though the castors are supplied as an optional extra, customers will often find that they make it much easier to manage the skips when they are not mounted on a forklift. It must be remembered that the heavyweight of these skips makes them quite difficult to move in confined spaces and the castors overcome such issues. This is especially true in busy industrial settings, where it may be necessary to relocate them on a regular basis. Industries where employees are regularly required to handle solid waste products, not to mention glass, plastic or other items that are to be recycled, will find the casters to be a useful and time saving addition to their tipping eco-skips.

The castor sets are made entirely in the UK and use only the highest quality materials in their manufacture. They are also designed to be in full compliance with all current safety standards. The sets of castors can be purchased in two different sizes, which means they should fulfil the specific requirements of any industry.

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