Snap-off Plastic Edge Protectors pack of 550

£45.38  (INCL. VAT)

  • Used to protect goods from over tightened strapping
  • Edge protectors supplied on a perforated roll in dispenser carton
  • Protector width 38mm
  • Usable width 30mm
  • Wing depth 33mm
  • 550 per roll


Strapping is a great way of bundling cargo for transportation and storage, as well as ensuring that cartons are properly sealed. However, over-tightening can risk the integrity of the strapping, not to mention compromising the contents of the load and causing risky weight shifts in heavy consignments. Plastic edge protectors for strapping overcome this problem.

Available as a reel of 500 perforated units, these edge protectors help stabilise pallets and create easily moveable units. They enable strapping to be securely tightened without the risk of causing damage to the contents of the containers.

Edge protectors are placed underneath the strapping before it is tightened, adding extra protection to boxes, so that they don’t buckle under the tension of the straps. They also prevent the safety of loads becoming compromised by evenly distributing strapping tension. They are particularly suited for double-stacked pallets.

Edge protectors are stowed on a perforated reel for easy storage and simplicity of use. Made of hardwearing plastic they are cost-effective, user-friendly and easy to fit to laden pallets.

Edge protectors can be used in conjunction with various strapping widths for a fast, safe and effective method of storage and transportation. They can prevent entire loads from shifting, help to distribute strapping tension over a wider area and keep boxes and other containers in the correct shape.