Snap On Seals for steel strapping (box of 2000)


  • Superior quality snap on seals for use with 13mm, 16mm or 19mm steel strapping
  • 25mm seal length
  • 2000 seals per box
  • Perfect used together with a steel strapping crimping tool


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Metal strapping seals for 13mm, 16mm or 19mm steel banding

The use of steel strapping to help to secure packaged items is becoming very popular, particularly for heavy duty items, and an essential part of the packing process are the metal seals. Available in a box of 1000, these are needed to create the tight seal needed and to keep items secure until they need to be unpacked. They are often used on wooden packing cases or on items which have been packaged on pallets. The seal is strong and will stand up to being moved around a lot.

The metal seals for steel strapping are snap on seals and they come in a variety of sizes. The smallest size is for use with the 13mm steel strapping and they measure 13mm x 25mm. The weight of the pack is just 2.5kg. The next size up is for 16mm strapping and then the last size is 19mm. All sizes come in boxes of 1000.

Working environments where large scale industrial packing is carried out will use many of these seals and the large pack sizes are a bonus, offering value for money. Care should be taken when using the metal seals for steel strapping, but they are an easy product to use and can be an asset to any working environment.

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13 x 25mm seals (box of 2000), 16 x 25mm seals (box of 2000), 19 x 25mm seals (box of 2000)