Stainless Steel Toolbox with Tote Tray


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel toolbox with integral composite tote tray
  • Soft grip carry handle for added comfort
  • Includes padlock eye for extra security
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Product description

An essential piece of equipment in industrial workshops, this toolbox is manufactured from heavy-duty stainless steel, with an internal tote tray. It is ideal for the industrial workplace and despite the durability of the materials it is constructed from, is relatively light in weight. Its weight and dimensions ensure that it can be conveniently handled both inside and outside the workplace.

The overall design is aesthetically attractive, and gives a clear impression of strength and durability, and, since its main component is stainless steel, it is unlikely to be affected by any ambient dampness or condensation in the working area, thus avoiding deterioration and giving the economic benefit of a longer working life.

The internal tote tray is made from composite materials, and adds to the versatility of this important item of workplace equipment. The comfortable soft grip of the carrying handle allows for easy handling of heavier contents, and the handle can be folded away when the toolbox is not being carried, allowing for horizontal stacking or more convenient storage.

The padlock point ensures the security of the internal contents which, in many workplaces, may be quite valuable. Needless to say, the strength of the hinges and closing fasteners adequately complements the overall robust quality of this essential piece of workshop equipment.

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505w x 245d x 225h, 580w x 280d x 225h


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