Stapling Pliers for type 21/4 staples

£55.58  (INCL. VAT)

  • Comfortable grip
  • All-steel powder coated and chrome plated construction
  • Compatible with 21/4 staples
  • Staples up to 12 sheets of paper.
  • Increases productivity
  • The perfect solution for large volume stapling
  • Description : Stapling Pliers
  • Staples to suit : 4mm leg


Small, comfortable and easy to use

Stapling pliers for type 21 staples are designed with maximum ease of use in mind. In any busy office it is often necessary to staple large groups of paper together. Standard staplers are not as well-suited for this purpose, because they are normally only designed to cope with a few sheets at a time. It often takes double the amount of time it should to complete these tasks with conventional staplers. Stapling pliers are ideal for putting together multiple page documents, groups of inventory sheets or other paperwork that cannot be condensed into three or four pages.

These pliers are crafted in Sweden, with particular attention being given to quality. They will work easily with all type 21 staples, which are sold separately. Easily staple up to 12 sheets of paper at a time with minimal effort and see workplace productivity increase significantly. This is a great way to ensure that routine, but essential tasks, are taken care of in less time, whether in the office or warehouse. This product will be a welcome solution for offices that process large amounts of paperwork at a time.

Stapling pliers make it much easier to complete any task, with the ability to put together multiple sheets of paper with less effort. Employees will appreciate the extra convenience that these staplers offer. If you’re need something a bit tougher, you’ll like to take a look at the heavy-duty dual anvil stapler.