Static Control Earth / Ground lead

£29.25  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

Static control accessory
Bright turquoise colouring
Spiralled cord that can easily stretch to reach plugs
Connect worktop to Earth using this cord
Ideal for use with ESD workbenches and accessories
Static control lead with plug also available



Earth ground lead for connecting worktop to earth.

The problem of static electricity has long been a problem in both the industrial and commercial industries, and it can be a serious hazard to not only production but also employee’s lives, especially when flammable materials and solvents are in the immediate environment.

Reduce the risk of damage and injury caused by static electricity by incorporating this static control earth/ground lead into daily operations. This static control accessory is ideal for any number of applications, such as drug and food packaging and semiconductor manufacturing, or any application in which clean room procedures are required. Anything that can potentially accumulate a static charge must have some implement of dissipation.

The sudden discharge of static electricity can lead to explosions, fires, and injury not to mention countless man-hours lost in production. Prevent that happening by protecting the work environment through the use of ESD workstations and static control accessories like this earth/ground lead.

Help to neutralise the effects of static electricity by using the right equipment in the first place. Anti-static products eliminate static electricity that attracts dust, jams, and tearing. This static control earth-to-ground lead is an effective preventative tool.


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