Static Control Earth Lead & 3 pin plug

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Key Features

The static control earth lead is able to connect static control devices to the grounding point, providing protection from a static electricity discharge.
The 3-pin plug connects the static control earth lead to standard sockets in the United Kingdom.
It is easy to use and is just a case of plugging the earth lead into the 3-pin plug.



Earth lead and 3 pin plug.

Static electricity can be a major problem when working with electric tools at the workbench. It can cause damage, pose a threat to health and safety and lead to halt in production. One way to avoid this is with the Static Control Earth Lead & 3 pin plug.

The Static Control Earth Lead along with the 3-pin plug is an inexpensive solution for preventing the problems caused by static electricity. Other products for dealing with electrical safety include ESD Static Dissipative Anti Fatigue Matting and the RCB Circuit Breaker for BA/BC/BQ & ESD workbenches.

This Static Control Earth Lead is one of many accessories available that increase the versatility of workbenches. This particular lead is known as a static dissipative accessory for the workbench in that that it dissipates the charge from static electricity, thereby eradicating the threat of any potential damage or physical harm.

Other electrical-related accessories that can be utilised with the workbench include data points, post mount electrical ducts and surface mount electrical ducts. These necessitate the use of the Static Control Earth Lead & 3 pin plug at the workbench.


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