Static Control Wrist Strap – 1 Megohm Resistor

£47.47  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

Anti-static wrist strap designed with ergonomics in mind
1-megohm resistor
Optional static control accessories also available
For use when working with static sensitive components



Anti static wrist strap with 1megohm resistor.

One of the most important items for dissipating static from the human body is the conductive wrist strap. In applications in which clean room procedures or a clean product is essential, this sort of device provides the ideal solution.

Static electricity has long been a problem across various industrial and commercial operations and can be a serious hazard, especially in environments where flammable materials or solvents are present. The sudden discharge of static electricity, known as arcing, can cause fires and explosions, which not only lead to damage and injury but also a loss in production due to lost man-hours.

The harmful effects of static electricity in the manufacturing and industrial industries has increased in the last few years thanks to the more widespread use of synthetic materials and high-speed machinery. In fact, some plastics can even develop a static charge of several thousand volts when passing through a machine.

Consisting of a wristband of conductive material coupled to ground via a length of spiralled wire with an encapsulated 1-megohm resistor, this device is effective in critical areas such as drug and food packaging, biomedical and semiconductor product manufacturing, and other similar applications. The wristband not only protects the equipment and final product from the risk of static build-up, it also protects the operator.


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