Steel Strapping Safety Cutter

£69.12  (INCL. VAT)

  • Safety cutter designed to cut steel strapping
  • Suitable for strapping up to 0.9mm thick and 32mm wide
  • The blade has rubber pads on either side which release the strap ends gently after cutting
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Safety cutting shears for use with steel strapping

Health and safety within the workplace is of paramount importance these days and when using items such as steel strapping, it is important to take all the precautions that are available. One of these is using the right equipment, and the safety cutting shears for use with steel strapping are essential. When cutting the steel strapping it can easily spring back and cause injury to the person working on it, but the right safety shears can help to prevent this from happening. This is possible as the tool has rubber pads placed on either side of the cutter.

The safety cutting shears are only one part of the process. Other tools which are needed to use the steel strapping effectively include the tensioner and the sealer tools. Very little training is required to use the tools, but it is important that staff members that use them are shown how to do it properly as part of the health and safety of the process.

It is important to follow the workplace’s own health and safety procedures when carrying out a task such as this in order to avoid injury to any member of staff.