Strapping Device For PP and Pet Strap 12mm


  • Tensions, seals and cuts extruded polyester and polypropylene strapping
  • Maximum strap thickness of 0.9mm
  • When changing the strap thickness, no manual adjustment is required
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All in one combination tool tensions, seals & cuts extruded polyester and polypropylene strapping.

When employed on commercial or industrial strapping jobs, this convenient tool provides an all in one solution that covers the tension, sealing and cutting of extruded polyester or polypropylene strapping. All three operations can be carried out simply and without the need to change equipment for each element of task. For packaging, bundling and other shipment tasks, the combination tool is essential for keeping the time taken to complete the task to a minimum.

High performance strapping operations are simplified thanks to the various functions incorporated into this one combination tool. It is no longer necessary to have individual tools, which are more likely to be misplaced or lost during use or storage. Instead, this single piece of equipment covers three stages of the strapping work. Combination tools area available for either 12mm wide polyester strapping or 16mm wide polyester strapping. Both sizes of combination tool are produced to the same high standards, for reliable and robust operation.

This is a simple solution to common strapping tasks in the warehouse or workshop. No longer is it necessary to have three separate tools to carry out the tensioning, sealing and cutting of polyester strapping.

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Medium Duty 12mm Combi Tool, Medium Duty 16mm Combi Tool

For use with

SER12-SG serrated seals, SER16-SG serrated seals