Tensioner Tool for flat steel strapping

£119.93  (INCL. VAT)

  • Tensioning tool for steel straps up to 19mm wide


Tensioner for use with 13-19mm steel strapping

The use of steel strapping means having the right tools and equipment to hand and, no matter which size of steel strapping has been chosen, this tensioner tool has been designed to cope with all of them. Simply wrapping the steel strapping around the packaged item is not enough. The tension has to be created on the strapping in order for it to hold tight, and this is where the tensioner tool for 13-19 mm steel strapping comes in. While it is available as part of a kit, it is also available separately.

Those who order this item should be aware that there are other pieces of equipment that are a requirement if the packing is to be carried out successfully. It is very easy to use and can help to make the task far easier.

The relatively light weight of the tensioner means that there are no manual handling issues involved. Steel strapping is often used on items which are placed on pallets and on wooden packing crates. The seal that is created is strong and needs to be cut off when the item has to be opened. The tensioner tool for 13-19 mm steel strapping is ideal for a variety of working environments, but is most often used in industrial packing.