Tidy Bin / Skip

£1,561.74  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Made to order
  • Each bin is either a full-sized bin with a single opening at the base or a split bin that allows two kinds of waste to be stored and emptied separately
  • Emptying of the bins is easy with self-closing latches on the base
  • Each tidy bin has castors making it easy to move
  • Each tidy bin has fork tunnels that measure 180mm x 75mm to allow lifting with a forklift truck
  • The bin’s hinged loading apertures measure 390mm by 850mm, keeping the contents dry and keeping out pests
  • Use of these bins can help to ensure compliance with the requirements set out in ISO 14001
  • A gas strut can be used with the bins to hold the doors open when loading (this is an optional extra and factory fit)
  • The bins have a capacity of 350kg


Fill it to the top and empty it from the base.

Many workplaces generate rubbish that needs to be removed in order to reduce the risk of accidents. This Tidy Bin/Skip comes in four different sizes and helps to make waste management simple. The ATB10 and ATB15 models are tidy bins while the ATB10/2 and ATB15/2 are split bins. The ATB10 bin is 1120mm high, 1020mm deep and 1650mm wide. Its volume is 1 cubic metre and it weighs 150kg. The ATB15 measures 1420mm (height) x 1020mm (depth) x 1650mm (width) with a volume of 1.5 cubic metres and a weight of 190kg. The split bins have the same dimensions as the corresponding tidy bins but are able to take two kinds of waste.

Each of the tidy bins is loaded from the top and emptied from the bottom, making the handling of waste materials easier. The bins come in a range of colours, allowing different colours to be used for different types of waste if required. The split bins make the management of two different kinds of waste easy by ensuring that there can be no mixing of the different waste types either during loading or emptying.