Tilting Shelf for WB workbench


Key Features

  • Mounts on to WB workbench accessory frame.
  • Adjustments for height, depth and angle.
  • Two size variants to fit different benches; 660mm and 960mm widths can be chosen.


Tilting shelf with continuous adjustment for height, depth and angle.

Space is often at a minimum in busy workshops and warehouses, leading to cluttered worktops and untidy shared areas. For health and safety purposes, as well as efficient manufacturing, it is vital to try and save space wherever possible, bringing order to workbenches and keeping tools and important components close at hand.

The adjustable tilting shelf for WB workbenches is a unique way of storing items away from the worktop surface, and is perfect for smaller items, or those which need to be easily accessible. The shelf adjusts for height, depth and angle, making it ideal for every day use; there is no need to remove or reattach the shelf, it can simply be tilted to a larger or lesser degree if a different position is required. The shelf can be used for loose tools or components, or storage bins and containers, to create a great space saving solution, and the tilting motion gives easy access from a seated or standing position.

The tilting shelf is available in two width variants, 660mm and 960mm, suitable for use with different WB workbenches. Additional tilting shelves can be purchased and fixed to the accessory frame to create multiple storage facilities as required. The tilting shelf is easy to remove from the workbench while not in use, freeing up space on the accessory frame for other fixtures.

Additional information

Width (mm)

660, 960

For Bench

1500/1800, 1800


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