Upper Shelf Lamstat for ESD Workbench


Key Features

Designed to be used with ESD lamstat benches
Not appropriate for use on extension benches and BS heavy duty welded benches
Upper shelf with Lamstat surface
A pair of rear support posts are required to use this accessory, these posts are sold separately. The 1180mm rear posts are required for use with light fitting / support rails

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Static dissipative shelf with Lamstat surface for workbenches

When it comes to most static electricity related problems, working with ESD workbenches, shelving, equipment, and accessories can make all the difference. This upper shelf Lamstat for ESD workbench is just the accessory for any location requiring clean room procedures and extra storage needs.

Critical industries such as drug and food packaging and the manufacturing of biomedical and semiconductor products simply cannot afford to be compromised by static contamination. The risk of such contamination is restricted through the use of ESD furniture, which actually prevents static charges from building up. This can prevent injury and contamination, but it can also boost production. This optional static dissipative accessory for ESD Lamstat workbenches is just one of a wide range of such accessories. The shelf has an effective Lamstat surface, which helps to prevent static accumulation. The addition of this additional shelf increases the work surface area while allowing the workstation to remain neat and organised.

The shelf is easy to install, with the use of a pair of rear support posts. When space is at a premium, adding a shelf to the ESD workbench can save a lot of time and trouble. The shelf is available for the 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm benched.

It should be noted that this particular shelf is not suitable for use with extension benches or BS heavy duty welded benches.

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Upper Shelf Lamstat For 1200mm Bench, Upper Shelf Lamstat For 1500mm Bench, Upper Shelf Lamstat For 1800mm Bench


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