Upper Shelf Neostat for ESD Workbench


Key Features

Efficient Neostat surface
Clean, simple design with ergonomics in mind
Upper shelf with Neostat surface
A pair of rear support posts are required for this accessory, these posts are sold separately. The 1180mm rear posts are required for use with light fitting / support rails

Lamstat worktop is hard surface that is highly resistant to abrasions, scratches and heat. Neostat is a rubber work surface which is solder proof, softer and has a better grip

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Static dissipative shelf for mounting on rear posts on ESD workbenches

Don’t let static electricity become a problem. This upper shelf Neostat for ESD workbench offers the perfect solution for any industry, including drug and food packaging, biomedical and semiconductor products manufacturing, and any other application that requires clean room procedures.

Any piece of furniture or equipment that supports a static charge can attract contamination, whether it is a tiny dust particle or dust and chips from machining. This sort of contamination cannot only compromise the integrity of the final product but could also lead to the injury of a worker(s) in some cases. The sudden discharge, or arcing, of static electricity can be responsible for starting a fire that could lead to a downturn in productivity due to damage and lost man hours.

Almost any static-related problem can be solved once the issue is analysed and addressed, and the proper control methods are put into place. That is why this shelf for an ESD workbench is such an important piece to have. The ESD work surface will actually prevent the incidence of static contamination, thereby helping to maintain and even boost, productivity and safety.

This static dissipative shelf is the ideal accessory for any ESD workbench in a busy production room where there is a need for an additional work surface or storage solution. Available in dimensions suited for the 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm benches, this shelf is easy to install and use right away.

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Upper Shelf Neostat For 1200mm Bench, Upper Shelf Neostat For 1500mm Bench, Upper Shelf Neostat For 1800mm Bench


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