Wound Steel Banding Reels


  • Ribbon wound strapping
  • Strapping thickness 0.5mm
  • Black coated steel strapping
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Steel strapping for Industrial use

Secure items which are being packaged for shipping with this steel strapping. It comes in a range of widths and breaking strains to suit the products being securely packaged for transport to reduce any risk of movement which could cause injury.

The strapping is easy to use but does require the specialist tools such as the steel strapping safety cutter and the steel strapping tensioner. It is also important to ensure that the right size of steel strapping seal is used for each different size of strapping. These are available separately and also as part of the kits. The use of the portable dispensers is advised as they are far easier to move around when needed.

Additional information

Strap width (mm)

13, 16, 19

Break strain (kg)

560, 720, 850

Strap thickness (mm)


Strap length (m)

316, 320, 332